• Choose the services you need

    A place, a menu, drinks, service providers, services to communicate on its event, create a ticket office or even tailor-made :

    OANDB allows you to create your event from start to finish.

  • Find all the providers you need

    A driver, a host, a DJ or a photographer; All providers are on OANDB, which guarantees price transparency.

    And if you do not find your happiness, contact us and we find for you.

  • Create your own customized ticketing

    OANDB allows you to create your ticketing with a maximum of parameters: personalized, private or public tickets, at variable or fixed prices ... and to follow in real time the evolution of sales.

    Ticket sales on OANDB are 2% + 0.35 € per ticket sold

    Start my ticketing
  • E-ticket

    With a customizable design and an option to scan them at the entrance of your event, the OANDB e-ticket is practical and eco-friendly.

    With the application, you can easily have a list of participants present or not present, and quickly introduce your guests to your event.